NobleHour Announces Partnership with Impact NW

NobleHour team volunteers in their community

Allison Hale, [email protected], (888) 982-9859, x710
Ada Dortch, [email protected] (503) 294-7416

[Portland, OR,  October 10, 2019]— NobleHour, is excited to announce their latest partnerships with Impact NW, an organization committed to preventing homelessness, and Technology Association of Oregon. This three-level partnership is designed to bring the nonprofit and tech sectors together, bridging the gap between businesses that want to do good and “the boots on the ground.”

Vice President of Sales and Customers, at TreeTop Commons, the parent company to NobleHour, Mike Calvo, explained: “When we first started the company in 2007, our goal was to connect volunteers with opportunities. But we found it was difficult to find volunteer opportunities.” To connect more volunteers with available opportunities, especially those that occur during work hours, it became clear that corporations need to be involved. Thankfully, corporate volunteerism is on the rise, especially in the Portland area. “We see more and more businesses wanting to implement volunteer programs into their employee benefits,” shared Senior Director of Marketing, Allison Hale.

By focusing on partnering with groups like the Technology Association of Oregon and nonprofits like Impact NW, NobleHour aims to provide connections as well as standards for an effective corporate-nonprofit partnership.

NobleHour, TAO, and Impact NW are leveraging this partnership to call on tech companies and other businesses in the area to get involved in the “Impact Kits” event: 500+ kits to be assembled and distributed to individuals living on the streets on Veterans Day. In preparation for the day, Impact NW’s steering committee is working with TAO member organizations to collect kit items and sponsorships to help people facing homelessness and housing insecurity.. Then, on Veterans Day, everyone involved can distribute the kits to people living outdoors. 

“This creates that human connection and raises awareness,” said Ada Dortch, Development Director at Impact NW. “People who work downtown see people living on the streets, but they don’t know how to help. This project just requires a basic kit that you can give someone to help.” By announcing this partnership and issuing a challenge to TAO-affiliated businesses (and others in the Portland area), NobleHour and Impact NW are hoping to see how many kits can be created. Impact NW serves 25,000 people a year with their homelessness prevention services, and Impact Kits is just one way they’re actively engaging the homeless community in Portland.



NobleHour is a plug-n-play solution that connects people (and businesses) with volunteer opportunities, tracks projects and volunteer hours, and generates powerful impact reports. If your business is a member of the Technology Association of Oregon, you have FREE access to the NobleHour tool through 2020, as well as a discounted subscription for life. You’ll also be invited to events and programs throughout the year, plus more. Learn More


Impact NW is making a major shift and focus in 2019 to support people and families on the edge. We prevent homelessness by partnering with thousands of people in danger of losing their housing. By helping people navigate the broken safety-net system, we catalyze a cascade of stability and strength that benefits everyone in our community.