Operationalizing Reciprocity in Community Engagement and Public Service Activities


Collaboratory is pleased to host the peer-reviewed workshop first presented by Dr. Emily Janke, Dr. Kristin Norris, Kristin Medlin, and Dr. Terri Shelton at conferences during fall 2019. Watch to review what was shared at those conferences, consider how their thinking has been influenced by feedback from conference participants, and learn more about how to deepen your work with the community.

Previously Recorded: Thursday, January 16, 2020

Reciprocity and mutual benefit are two conceptually and operationally distinct aspects of community-engaged partnerships. This webinar will help practitioners operationalize reciprocity as a process-oriented concept through the role community partners play in engagement and service activities. Participants worked together to articulate the “level” of reciprocity present across different roles, and discussed the pragmatic pros and cons of this framing.

Participants will leave with a sense of difference between mutual benefit and reciprocity and why this difference matters. A better understanding of foundational, but often conflated, aspects of partnerships is essential to understanding how to encourage and support engagement.

Presented By:

Dr. Emily Janke

Emily M. Janke is the founding director of the Institute for Community and Economic Engagement (ICEE) and an associate professor in the Peace and Conflict Studies department at UNC Greensboro. Dr. Janke has held key leadership roles to support the fair treatment of community engaged scholarship in promotion and tenure policy and practices, track and monitor community engagement and public service, develop a university-wide website and Referral Desk to advance communication and potential for collaboration, and support department-level community engagement partnerships.Janke served as chair of the Community Engagement Metrics Task Force for the University of North Carolina General Administration.

Kristin Norris, Ph.D

Kristin Norris is the Director of Assessment for the Office of Community Engagement at IUPUI. Kristin works with stakeholders (internal and external) to track community-engaged activities in order to conduct assessment, evaluation, and research that transforms higher education and demonstrates how IUPUI’s community engaged activities (e.g., programs, pedagogies, research, initiatives) support the institutional mission, demonstrate progress toward the strategic plan, and inform decision making. Kristin is passionate about student civic outcomes and the public purpose of higher education in addressing community issues.

Kristin Medlin, MPA, MS

Kristin Medlin is the Director of Research at TreeTop Commons, LLC, where she oversees emerging research efforts to support, promote, and enhance the field of study related to community engagement and socially effective impact across all sectors. She is a co-designer of the Collaboratory (with Janke and Holland) and previously served as the  Communications & Partnerships Manager in UNC Greensboro’s Institute for Community and Economic Engagement. Kristin’s scholarly work explores technology-assisted engagement, cross-sector partnerships, and tracking and assessment of community engagement. Kristin holds dual masters degrees from UNC Greensboro in Public Affairs and Educational Research, Measurement, and Evaluation.